Does Alkaline Water Neutralize Stomach Acid?

A question that's usually on everyone's mind when they first start drinking ionized alkaline water is how it can alkalize their body if their stomach is acidic by nature. Wouldn't it just neutralize the acid in the stomach before it even makes it anywhere? The short video below by Dr. Ben Johnson addresses this very question and explains exactly how alkaline water interacts with stomach acid. … [Read more...]

Alkaline Ionized Water vs Regular Water

Dripping Tap Water

Alkaline ionized water is quickly taking upon itself the moniker of 'fad'; but is this generalization fair? Critics of purveyors of ionizers and like-products cry foul on what they claim are unjustified grabs by money-hungry charlatans. Furthermore, these critics claim that regular untreated water is just as good, if not better, than its ionized counterpart. My goal here is to try and set the … [Read more...]

How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Alkaline Lemon Water

Before we talk about how to make alkaline water, let's cover a little bit about what exactly alkaline water is. Keep in mind that there are many ways to create it, but the quality will vary greatly depending on which method you use. What is Considered Alkaline Water? Well, it's pretty much water that has a pH level of about 7.4 or higher on the pH scale (tap is about 7 or lower which is slightly … [Read more...]

How Ionization of Water Can Greatly Improve Your Energy and Mood

Water Surfing

The latest technologies are currently being used for ionization of water as it's become one of the biggest necessities for ensuring good health and well-being. Electrolysis is one of the more popular methods of maintaining water alkalinity. It works by simply separating the negative and positively charged molecules found in your regular drinking water. Using Ionization to Create Alkaline … [Read more...]

How Bottled Alkaline Water Can Easily Improve Your Health

Bottled Alkaline Water

Drinking bottled alkaline water is quickly becoming a habit over the past few years because of the ways it can improve your health. Unlike regular water, this type has to be filtered, disinfected and also tested for proper pH balance. Just filtering and disinfecting isn't enough to guarantee high quality drinking water as the pH balance needs to be taken into consideration. Read: Powerful … [Read more...]

How Alkalinity of Water Can Improve Your Body’s Natural Healing Factor

Alkaline Water

Alkalinity of water is a very important factor affecting your body's natural ability to heal itself yet it's still highly over-looked in today's society.  These days it seems like people are so concerned about all the little things happening around them, that no one even has the time anymore to really question the simple factors that dramatically affect their health and well-being. Alkalinity of … [Read more...]

Powerful Ways Kangen Alkaline Water Can Boost Your Health

Kangen Alkaline Water

If you're concerned about whether you're doing everything you can for your health then Kangen alkaline water is definitely something you should look into. Kangen water is simply water with powerful anti-oxidizing alkaline minerals added into it. These minerals are extremely vital for anyone looking to live a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. Kangen water helps you balance your body's natural … [Read more...]

Why Choose Purified Water?

Purified Water

Public water supplies have been contaminated and most of them contain impurities which causes health issues. This is why most people choose to seek other alternatives rather than using tap waters to quench their thirst, assist in cooking, brush their teeth etc. What is Purified Water? Purified water is pretty much water that is completely radiation, chemical and mineral free. There are many … [Read more...]

5 Health Benefits of Ionized Water

Ionized Water

Ionizers which are used to produce ionized water have been utilized by medical doctors in hospitals and clinics all over Japan and Korea for treating diseases. In fact, these countries have registered the device within their government. What is Ionized Water? It's basically a safe drinking water which has undergone ionization process. The process separates the acid and alkaline content by … [Read more...]