Alkaline Benefits – Neutralize Acids & Remove Toxins from Body

Alkaline Benefits

Your pH Balance You are about to learn how alkaline benefits your health and vitality tremendously by reducing damaging free radicals and eliminating acid waste from your body. The alkalinity is usually referred to as the pH and it is¬†generally measured on a scale from 1 - 14 with 1.0 being highly acidic and 14.0 being highly alkaline. Don't Miss: Top 10 Benefits of Having a Good Alkaline Diet … [Read more...]

Alkaline Yoga

You haven't heard of Alkaline Yoga? Well that's because it doesn't exist, but if you're interested in improving your life by changing your diet from acidic to alkaline, then you might be finding it difficult to change some of your long-held habits. Everybody knows what that's like. You've got the information, you understand how it's going to help, and you're all ready to give up that morning cup … [Read more...]

Does an Alkaline Diet Improve Bone Health?

Dr. Susan Brown gives a great explanation of how an alkaline diet affects our bone health. If you're currently consuming an average American diet, which consists of high proteins and very few vegetables, then you need to watch this video. … [Read more...]

Matthew Armstrong Interviews Dan McDonald About Raw Food Juicing

An interesting interview with Dan McDonald a.k.a The Life Regenerator on reasons for juicing on a raw diet. Check it out and let me know what you think. … [Read more...]

How Antioxidants Work Inside Your Body

If you've been wondering how free radicals and antioxidants work¬† inside your body, then watch the quick video below for a simple explanation. … [Read more...]

10 Things a Healthy Diet Plan Should Have

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

I was recently asked by a good friend, to outline the ten elements of a healthy diet plan. My simple and common sense list follows, and I hope you will agree, as I do, that these ten elements are key to optimum health and wellness. 10 Elements of a Healthy Diet Plan 1) Fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds top the list. These are indeed at the core of any super healthy program. Stick … [Read more...]

3 Healthy Foods You’re Probably Not Eating

Although there are virtually countless numbers of health foods you can add to your diet, these 3 are among the healthiest and carry so many health benefits that we can't simply ignore them. … [Read more...]

Does Alkaline Water Neutralize Stomach Acid?

A question that's usually on everyone's mind when they first start drinking ionized alkaline water is how it can alkalize their body if their stomach is acidic by nature. Wouldn't it just neutralize the acid in the stomach before it even makes it anywhere? The short video below by Dr. Ben Johnson addresses this very question and explains exactly how alkaline water interacts with stomach acid. … [Read more...]

Dr. Young Speaks About pH Miracle and Type 1 Diabetes

In this short video, Dr. Young talks about the pH miracle and how it can help eliminate Type 1 diabetes. He explains why most other healthcare practitioners are approaching it from the wrong angle and why their methods don't work. … [Read more...]

10 Powerful Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice

If one were asked to list perhaps the most potent, and most powerful foods on the planet, wheatgrass would certainly be near the top of the list. Wheatgrass is an extraordinarily healthy living food that is able to assist the body in healing, as well as to reverse certain diseases. It is the young sprouting wheat seed that packs this amazingly powerful and healthy punch. Wheatgrass naturally … [Read more...]